Host Games: Making the gaming ecosystem ‘Provably Fair’

Host Games
Jan 31, 2019 · 3 min read
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If you love playing poker, blackjack, roulette or any of those games then transparency is something you should take seriously. The last thing you want is to lose because of a sloppy shuffle, a faulty table or even worse, casino cheating. At an offline casino you can always ask the dealer to reshuffle or let you cut the deck. This simple act evens out the field and reduces any cheating act by the house or players.

You cannot cut the deck while playing online. The best you can do is trust that the software is not rigged. You will have no backend access and therefore, no clue how it works. Of course some online platforms are regulated and audited time to time by individual agencies. These agencies guarantee some fairness however they often lack the tools to ensure the winning odds are legit.

What is Provably Fair?

Provably fair can be defined as a mechanism that helps players confirm the fairness of the gaming process.

One cannot trick the blockchain technology because all the transactions are saved on a public ledger. Moreover, with smart contracts the entire gaming process can be governed by a program code with absolutely no human interference.

Host Games is the answer

1.Host Games, through blockchain, eliminates the need to trust casinos, a third party or anyone for that instance. This happens through the use of hashing (converting data into a fixed string of characters) proofs making it impossible to manipulate the wager.

2.Randomness of the game will be open for verification, in real-time, after the hand is played

3.We are using a cryptographic algorithm using hash functions, which are impossible to decode.

Here’s how we plan to use provably fair

1.Primary Shuffle: Hashing can be used in card shuffle (to cut the deck), just like a physical casino. It verifies and wagers to make sure they’re fair.

2.Hash Generation: The casino will generate a random data, seed, which is then combined with the primary shuffle and hashed. You get this hash before the hand/game has started. Then you provide a random seed which is automatically or manually generated by your browser — which the site cannot see or predict. Your seed changes the primary shuffle to something unknown to the platform and you. This is equivalent to cutting a deck at a physical casino.

3.Verification: After the hand is over, the server seed is revealed so you can verify it with the hash and check if the house used your shuffled cut deck. You can further check if the cards were changed in accordance to the seed you provided.

As the input was yours, and only you knew about it, it gets impossible for the house to manipulate the outcome. Additionally, as hashes are irreversible there’s no way to work backwards and get the data that the platform has generated. Also, as the hash is available — you can go back and check if the house used the cards that you shuffled.

Speed & Scalability

The platform will further provide a range of games which will be made available to the users using off-chain channels that are verifiable on-chain. The speed and scalability of Host Games would combine user experience with a high-end gaming platform while bringing transparency of the blockchain.

The off-chain solution will ensure the speed of the gameplay and its responsiveness, reducing gas costs as fewer transactions need to take place.

What is Host.Games

Host Games is blockchain’s first host-based gaming infrastructure. It represents a new category of gaming that transfers the power to the users, allowing them to start their own games with the click of a button. By setting an edge or rake, users now have the potential to earn money. This format of games will hugely impact the way wagering games are played.

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