If “The House Always Wins,” Why Not Own The House?

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Jan 14, 2019 · 2 min read
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Historically, owning your own casino came with a huge barrier to entry. The average person simply didn’t have it in their cards (pun intended).

To open a ‘brick-and-mortar’ operation took years of permitting, zoning, raising capital, architectural plans, engineering plans, designers, decorators, staffing, etc. You needed experienced dealers, security, and servers. It’s essentially a small city. Oh, and insurance. So much insurance. You’re looking at millions spent before opening the door.

For an online casino, there’s code, code, and more code; good programmers aren’t cheap. And there’s marketing. The cost of customer acquisition has become prohibitive for operators who are constantly overcoming trust-issues with novice casino-gamers. Centralized platforms have suffered from this lack of trust with the proliferation of spoofed casino-gaming sites.

Believe it or not, it will soon be possible to open your own online casino for almost zero cost, and you can start making money by hosting games over the net with your friends. How is this possible?

Blockchain technology eliminates the pain points!

Okay, but how? Decentralized game protocols make it possible to enter smart-contracts with other verified users. They also address regional legal concerns that can be exhausting to address. Most importantly, they generate and track extraordinary volumes of transactional data.

Okay, so I can have a casino with no overhead, no staff, no insane marketing costs, no liability, and I’m still “the house”? But how much does “the house” make? Is it worth it?

Combined, the legal and not-so-legal casino-game industry is estimated at around $1.5 Trillion. The legal online casino-gaming space is on pace to do over . So there’s a big pie to go after. On average a commercial casino profits . But you’re not running countless tables and slot machines, so let’s be honest, you won’t make that much in a day.

There will be new millionaires minted in the coming years who got in the game at the right time. Who will be next? Will it be you?

So how do I start? Great question. Visit host.games to see how you can set up your online casino and start making money from playing with your friends. You can choose the game, set the rake, and get started. The simplicity of hosting games will make it easy to grow your audience. You can invite people from your social networks and other online communities, and so can they.

It grows because it’s social.

By resolving the trust and settlement issues, host.games has nearly eliminated the barrier to entry in being a legitimate casino-owner.

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