Nucleus Vision’s Abhishek Pitti Joins the Host Games Advisory Board

Nucleus Vision’s CEO will be instrumental in helping our community and investor outreach efforts

Abhishek Pitti — Advisor

We are proud to announce that Nucleus Vision’s CEO, Abhishek Pitti, has joined the Host Games advisory board. After having concluded one of the most popular ICO in recent times, Abhishek Pitti will be sharing his expertise, especially in community building and investor outreach and management. Through this partnership, we will also bank on the Nucleus Vision’s massive community to increase exposure to the Host Games project.

Amit Kanodia, CEO of Host Games said, “Abhishek’s work with Nucleus Vision has been stellar and there’s a lot that he brings to the table as an advisor. Apart from being highly connected in the blockchain sphere, Abhishek is also very enthusiastic about blockchain powered gaming and our approach. We are sure that this will be fruitful partnership and we will greatly benefit from this association in the time to come.”

Nucleus Vision is one of the hottest blockchain projects to emerge in recent times and has already hit the ground with several pilots across fashion retail. Abhishek and his team have been instrumental in setting a benchmark with community building, when Nucleus Vision built a following of over a 100,000 blockchain enthusiast.

On joining the Host Games advisory board, Abhishek Pitti said, “Centralized gaming has inherent problems which Host Games solves in a very innovative way. The Host centric approach is a great business innovation and the tech matches it step for step. Moreover, Amit and the Host Game team is worth betting on. I look forward to supporting them in the time to come.”

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