We’re Now Accepting nCash During The Host Token Sale!

Host.Games is designed to be an inclusive platform that allows for multiple stakeholders to derive the maximum benefit from our offerings.

And we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with one of the most prestigious and ambitious blockchain projects out there — Nucleus Vision.

Abhishek Pitti, Nucleus Vision’s founder and CEO, said, “Nucleus Vision’s thriving community is collectively working towards a blockchain-powered world. Host.Games represents that change in the gaming industry, and I know Amit and Host.Games team are very capable of executing their ambitious road-map. We at Nucleus Vision are more than happy to support this deserving team on its journey.”

By introducing the benefits of live customer analytics backed-up by blockchain security to the world of offline retail, Nucleus Vision is changing the way we work, live and shop. Their ecosystem allows brick-and-mortar retailers to tap into customer data feeds, while rewarding users with nCash tokens for sharing access to their data. In this way, the project is taking cryptocurrency to the mainstream, and building a blockchain data management platform that will transform the world. If you’d like to know more about the project, visit: https://nucleus.vision

Amit Kanodia, our CEO said, “This partnership really opens up our potential at Host.Games to attract one of the most vibrant followings in the blockchain space. nCash will make it simpler for thousands of potential investors to join Host.Games journey. Given the reputation and respect that Nucleus Vision commands, this partnership will garner trust for Host.Games in the investor community.”

In Q3, with the launch of our ICO, HOST tokens will be available for purchase using nCash — the cryptocurrency of the Nucleus Vision ecosystem. And we’re creating an exclusive channel for nCash holders to get their hands on HOST tokens, when our Token Generation Event goes live.

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