Why You Should Bet On The Host.Games Team?

Host.Games is disrupting the gaming industry, and we need the smartest and most talented people to bring our vision to life. More importantly, it is absolutely necessary that the people working towards such disruption are first gamers at heart themselves. Our team is full of gamers who believe in our mission, and we strongly believe that this is one of the biggest reasons to bet on Host Games.

Our team at Host Games was assembled from casinos, technology meetups and conferences around the world. We selected the best individuals from our networks to ensure that we have a competent and passionate team with the drive to democratize and decentralize the gaming industry.

A Flat Structure

Steve Jobs often said that we as leaders hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. Hiring an exceptional resource with industry expertise and then telling them what to do can be counter-productive. This philosophy resonated with Host Games’ founders; today we have a team of over 30 people who work in an autonomous, yet cohesive manner.

We are a global team with diverse professional backgrounds — managers, technologists, designers, writers and most importantly, gamers. With such a talented group of people, the only kind of structure that makes sense for us is a flat one. Every day at work at Host Games is a mix of free flowing ideas, constant calls for consensus, and relentless execution. This culture, by design, flows from the top.

Meet the Host Games Team

Amit Kanodia, CEO

Amit Kanodia — CEO

Amit Kanodia is an experienced businessman and has led many successful entrepreneurial ventures. His leadership and management skills rank among the best in the industry. He earned his administrative stripes from the Indian Institute of Management and has worked as an entrepreneur and investment banker.

More importantly, Amit is also a professional poker player for over half a decade and is a well known name in the Asian gaming market. With his unique and relevant skill sets, Amit’s insights into the gaming market provide tremendous value and direction for Host Games..

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