11 Unique Ideas To Increase User Engagement

Do your website visitors land on your pages and click away without ever engaging with your brand? Stop losing money to unresponsive visitors — encourage user activity on your site by implementing the following strategies:

Idea #1 — Encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list

Adding ways for people to optin to your website allows you to reach out to customers and offer incentives to get them to return to your site in the future. Use a reputable email list management service like Constant Contact or MailChimp store your addresses and consider offering some type of incentive (like a free product or coupon code) to encourage sign-ups.

Idea #2 — Add product review features to listing pages

Customers love to share their feedback, so make it easy for them to do so by adding product review features to your website’s pages. Review modules can be custom-coded to your site or they can be easily installed using scripted programs like Citricle or Re-Vu.

Idea #3 — Install social sharing tools on your blog

Make it simple for website visitors to engage further with your site’s content by embedding social sharing tools like Sumome or ShareThis into your site’s blog posts and pages. Prompting users to share their favorite articles on social networks also has a positive impact on your site’s brand recognition and SEO.

Idea #4 — Request comments on blog posts

Want your site’s visitors to leave comments on your blog posts? Simply ask them to do so! Ending your blog posts with a question and a prompt for readers to leave their thoughts in the comments section can be a great way to drive post-based activity on your site.

Note: Reply to these comments! This will allow you to expand on some things in more detail, adding more content to your site.

Idea #5 — Set up a user forum

Though user forums require additional time and resources to manage (unless you want your site’s community to turn into a spam network!), these investments may be worth it when it comes to promoting on-site user activity. Several free tools (like phpBB and Motigo) make the process of forum implementation easy and can add tremendous value for your website’s visitors.

Idea #6 — Add “gamification” features to your site

“Gamification” features — like badges, user contests and user profile rating systems — turn on-site activity into an engaging game. Tools like Badgeville and BigDoor make adding these elements simple, though larger companies may want to consult developers in order to create their own custom game-based activity reward systems.

Idea #7 — Solicit user feedback on future product launches

As mentioned in Idea #2, consumers love to provide input on their preferences and buying habits — so don’t let this valuable source of market research data go to waste!

If you’re thinking about rolling out a new product or service offering, solicit feedback from potential customers on your website. Doing so will not only help ensure the success of your eventual launches; it’ll go a long way towards driving on-site user activity by giving visitors the impression that their interests are taken seriously.

Just be careful about blowing this goodwill by gathering public feedback and then disregarding it entirely if the results aren’t what you expected!

Idea #8 — Use rewards to encourage repeat visits

There’s a reason popular brands offer “VIP” clubs that grant repeat buyers access to special rewards and discounts. It’s because they work!

To build loyalty and drive both on-site activity and sales amongst your existing customers, consider implementing some type of visit that rewards visitors based on their purchase or engagement history. These systems can be as simple as creating a manual list of top buyers who receive special promotions or as complex as gamification-integrated programs that automatically profile and reward top users.

Idea #9 — Recommend “related reading” on blog posts

Once readers have landed on your company’s blog posts, don’t lose them to the “Back” button. Instead, encourage them to stick around by adding extensions and plugins that automatically display related posts. Sharing recommended reading articles is a great way to keep visitors on your site and engaged with your content.

Idea #10 — Add a “Q&A” page to your website

Don’t just set up a static FAQ page — create a “Q&A” section that’s expanded in response to user questions. Giving visitors a place to ask questions and continually updating the page with your responses makes for an engaging feature that’s sure to lead to a boost in on-site activity rates.

Idea #11 — Utilize varying content formats

Last — but not least — freshen up your content by formatting it in different ways, including text, image and video-based posts. Different readers respond to different types of content in different ways, so by including a number of separate formats, you’ll encourage user activity on your site by appealing to all of these different preferences.

Do you have any other tips on strategies you’ve used to boost user activity on your website? Share your recommendations in the comments section below!

This post was originally posted on the HostGator Blog.