Hostmaker Hires: Meet Ilaria Vernaglione

Head of Pricing in Hostmaker Paris, Irvine Welsh Fanatic And Aerospace Engineer!

Ilaria joined Hostmaker shortly before the company’s 2nd birthday. She hit the ground running during this exciting time as she began pricing our Rome portfolio, which then consisted of over 100 homes. Ilaria recalls her first few weeks at Hostmaker as ‘intense, intriguing and a great opportunity to learn and discover’. She wouldn’t have had this any other way — it was the thrill, challenge and excitement that she craved.

Back in 2016, Ilaria moved down to the big smoke after completing her masters degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Glasgow. In an effort not to make her passion for the outer space into a career she began browsing alternative career opportunities on Escape The City. She saw an open opportunity at Hostmaker for a Pricing Analyst, which strongly related to her passion for numbers, strategic thinking and creativity — so she applied.

Nakul recalls, ‘the aerospace engineering degree really stood out to me — we had to invite her along for an interview’.

Needless-to-say, Ilaria’s application was successful. After only 1 month she was responsible for the development of the pricing strategies of Rome. Ilaria loves the thrill of developing procedures for each home and most of all being able to quantify the results and effects of her strategies almost immediately. She laughs, ‘there is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a great booking coming in!’.

Her day-to-day responsibilities involve monitoring incoming bookings, creating new pricing techniques and re-assessing pricing patterns. She also maintains relationships with our wonderful Hosts to explain her strategies and to ensure she is maximising their revenue. Happy customers are key! Ilaria is thankful for this opportunity and each day at Hostmaker she is reminded that she made the right career decision not to pursue Aerospace Engineering — that would have been far too easy!

Nakul notes that Ilaria ‘continues to grow and show initiative in her role’.

Ilaria’s hard-work has paid off and she has just been promoted to Pricing Manager, Paris. At Hostmaker, we take great pride in our flock and ensuring there is room for growth and development in each role is a priority.

Ilaria is over-the-moon with her new position and jokes, ‘I will be required to put all my efforts together to achieve the perfect pricing strategy to skyrocket the revenue of our Paris portfolio!’ — do you see what she did there? Clever.

When asked to describe Hostmaker in three words, Ilaria says:

‘Challenging, fast-paced, and international!’.

We can attest to that!

If you or anyone you know want to be part of the Hostmaker journey, then view our open positions here and impress us with your outer-worldly passions!

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