Wrinkle, Wrinkle, Little Star #theyearbefore60
Carole Montgomery

As you know I’ve had plastic surgery and LOVED IT. FYI, a face lift (which I can’t afford but would have in a minute if I had the funds)does NOT affect the eyes. This is a common misconception. The FL only fixes the lower part of one’s face. And the neck. A blepharoplasty (which I’ve had thank God) fixes the eyes. And no, you only get the Wide Awake look if you have them done more than once. And by a non board-certified diplomate. Plastics is not like going to the supermarket and shopping the aisles. You need a lot of research. P.S. the eye lift takes 10 years off your age and I credit mine, done in 1990, with the sitcom work I got in Hollywood.

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