Your candidate lost absolutely everything for us and you are so in denial that you’d do anything…
Tom Ritchford

Here’s the saddest part of your tale of woe. We who voted HRC hated Bernie. Yet, had he gotten the nomination, we would have voted for him to keep Trump out. That the bros didn’t get that is baffling. That you knowingly let a groper, a man who mocked the disabled, who is toxic and racist, win. And you do not find yourself complicit in all this. You discount the Comey letter, Russia, wikileaks, you discount it all so that Trump could win. And you have zero self-awareness about this. And now the divisive Sanders is on tour with Perez, mocking the Democrats so that Trump can what? Run and win again? You must see the damage he is doing, that he will never be President, and that he misses his adoring crowds so much he is willing to continue the vitriol against us. We would not have done the same to your side. We would have made sure Trump didn’t win while holding our noses to vote.

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