The Seltzer Suite

Rest & relax surrounded by the History & Art of Great Falls, the Montana Territory, and the Old West. With 11 Named Suites and 22 rooms, the Historic Hotel Arvon offers all the luxuries of a Modern Hotel housed in the History of the Arvon Block

The Seltzer Suite

Olaf Carl Seltzer, Born in 1877 in Denmark, Seltzer came to Great Falls in 1897 at the age of 19. Falling in love with the Montana landscape and peoples, Seltzer soon would find a very different calling, his true love of painting.

He had met Charlie M. Russell in 1897 when he had first arrived in Great Falls, and the two became fast friends. You can see the effect Russell’s mentorship had on Seltzer’s work. Where Russell’s work mostly focuses on the action and the thrill of the Old West, Seltzer’s work has a peace to it, as if he was merely an observer to it all.

The true importance of Seltzer’s and Russell’s work can’t be denied. They were right on the cusp of the Old West and the New modern world that was coming. Their ability to display the rapidly changing world created a visual and emotional record that photography of the time couldn’t match.

Without them, some of the history and the beginnings of Montana would have been lost

The Historic Hotel Arvon — Downtown Great Falls, Montana

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