Why I’d Rather Stay In a Hotel With Spa in Puri Than One Without

A hotel with a spa means luxury infinite. It suggests that the lodging establishment is interested in presenting a refined menu for hospitality. And I would rather choose one with it than without.

Here’s my story.

Two years back, I was in Puri for the surf festivals. I have always been a saltwater lady, loved to ride the waves and hang ten. And, this land’s sun was sweet and sands, like glistening gold. The celebrations were on a full swing when I arrived in the temple city. As people thronged the beach and played in the water, I couldn’t help but gaze in awe.

Everything was fine until I reached my hotel. In one word, it was pathetic. It didn’t have a spa! How would I do away with my suntans now? What would I do to relieve myself of the day’s fatigue? How should I keep myself energized for the festivals?

I tried hunting down for some wellness centers nearby. I found none. All my money that was paid in advance seemed like a total waste now. I was stuck to using the little bathroom of my room that had the shower coming off. Bugging!

In my opinion, a wellness experience is as important as a dining or lodging experience. A hotel with spa in Puri would sound more welcoming to guests than one without, don’t you think. I was cursing myself for mistaking the ‘luxury’ tag of the lodging and not reading enough reviews. It was not at all what I had expected.

I believe the hospitality and wellness industry has merged and taken a position where ‘warm reception’ is not just a phrase; it’s a culture! All good hoteliers would agree to the fact that hospitality shouldn’t be limited to good food and a cozy bed. There’s more to the story. But, I couldn’t find even this bit.

Much to my disappointment, I was forced to gulp down the bitter pills in tiny morsels. By evening, I couldn’t take it anymore. The shabby restaurant of the hotel was enough to make me storm out of it, pack my bags, and walk off.

Eventually, after an exhausting hour of hunting for a promising lodging, I finally found a pamphlet stuck to a building wall. A stroke of good luck, I’d say. It read — ‘A luxury hotel with the best spa in Puri.’ Spa, it had a spa after all! I called up at the number, got the directions and headed straightaway.

Expectations were low, but this lodging managed to surpass my expectations. I was offered a sea facing room, which had a large LCD TV installed. The room was cozily lit and had a good, cushiony sofa. I explored more and found out the establishment had a swimming pool and garden area in it, too. A little tea maker shone in my room and downstairs, they had a mini bar as well.

This was a life lesson learnt the hard way — never book your stay in a hotel without reading reviews or checking its website.

I still visit the temple city every time during the surf festivals. And to this day, I choose this only hotel I know as my lodging destination. The services are awesome and yes, I love indulging in a great, soothing spa session here.

What’s your spa story?

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