Ladadika- the historic district of Thessaloniki

Ladadika is one of the many secrets of Thessaloniki. It is a place you must visit to experience the authentic Thessaloniki. The area from Koudouriotou to Diamanti streets and from Hiou to Lemnou streets is known as Ladadika. The area is what remains of the Jewish part of the city. It is characterized by its beautiful surroundings that help you get a feel of how was Thessaloniki before the great fire of 1917. Currently can find many nice bars, restaurants and you can certainly feel why it has become one of the city’s focal points in the nightlife of Thessaloniki. Nevertheless, it is always a great area for eating traditional Greek foods specially cooked with the influence of other cultures that marked the history of Thessaloniki.

Ladadika is located near the Port of Thessaloniki and for centuries was one of the most important market places of the city. Its name derives from the many olive oil shops of the area and the word Ladadika literally means olive shop.

Long time ago this was the home of many Jews of the city that were living there, while the so-called “Frankish district”, with the French and Italian merchants and residents, was located beside. In the years before World War I it came to form the red light district, with the area starting to host many brothels. But since the Great Fire of 1917 and afterwards, it began to decline and was fully abandoned by the late ‘70s. In 1985, Ladadika was listed as a heritage site by the Ministry of Culture. Its notable architectural style with 19th century buildings is preserved and protected.

Today, after the revival of the 1980s, Ladadika forms the entertainment district of the city, hosting bars, espresso bars, coffee shops, beer stores nightclubs, restaurants and taverna’s — in what used to be old oil stores and merchant houses. Ladadika is a lovely place for strolling with its network of pedestrianized streets and small squares.

Thessaloniki has a lot of bars, especially in the area close to the water front. Bars are all in different musical styles, designs and decoration. If you are looking for something more special go to Ladadika area where you will find more rock and alternative bars that are always full of people enjoying music and drinking lots of beer. Moreover, in Ladadika you could find very interesting flavors and tastes in food. There are a lot of nice restaurants in this area.

Ladadika went from having a bad reputation to being one of the nicest places in the city. It is a place you can really sense how Thessaloniki used to be in the past and to enjoy real Greek experience. You can relax in a coffee shop like a Greek, eat rich and satisfying Greek specialties and sing and drink in real tavernas. Ladadika is place you must visit while in Thessaloniki.

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