Thessaloniki Shopping Guide

Thessaloniki is a great shopping destination, it has many different shops to satisfy any taste, from big brand stores to unique boutiques and small independent shops. Thessaloniki also has quite a few large shopping centers or malls. It is truly a shopping paradise. Thessaloniki is regarded one of the top shopping destinations of the region.

The center of Thessaloniki around the Tsimiski Avenue and Egnatia Street is the best location for shopping in town. Along Tsimiski Avenue you can find a lot of boutiques, fashion shops and large department stores. Nearby Mitropoleos Avenue along with Ermou Street and Proxenou Koromila Street, are a much more expensive choice as they host high end fashion boutiques and famous couture brands.

If you love discovering unique items, or hunting for bargains then getting intentionally lost in the street of the city center will be the best course of action for you. As a rule of thumb, the closer you get to the sea, the more expensive the shops get. Hence, top-of-the line designers and expensive boutiques are found in Proxenou Koromila St. the closest street to the sea, Mitropoleos St. offers small designer boutiques, Tsimiski St. has the mainstream chains, Egnatia St. offers bargains, jeans and casual clothing.

Large department stores are all over the center of the city. Notos Galleries in Tsimiski St. and Kanellopoulos, Sprider and Marks and Spencer are very popular with visitors.

Thessaloniki is also well known for its coffee shops, so you will certainly find a café to take a break from heavy shopping, and to enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack. The center of the city is also filled with fine bakeries and Patisseries where you have a fine choice of cookies, pastries, cakes, sweets, pies, biscuits, and treats.

No article about shopping in Thessaloniki would be complete without mentioning the biggest shopping mall in the city. The Mediterranean Cosmos Mall is even one of the largest malls in Southeastern Europe. It is a favorite destination for shopping trips in Thessaloniki and visitors come from the neighboring countries. The Cosmos Mall contains a wide variety of goods. You can buy almost everything from clothing to electronics, to appliances and home ware to books and toys.

Opening hours — keep in mind that shops in Greece don’t work on Sundays and that working hours during the rest of the week are slightly different than you are probably accustomed.

International Brands and Department Stores

Monday-Friday 09.00–21.00

Saturday 09.00–22.00

Independent Local stores and brands

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 09.00–15.00

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 09.00–15.00 & 17.30–21.00

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