The Best Destinations for Solo Travel

Traveling solo can be one of the most rewarding experiences around. Far from being lonely, solo travellers find themselves making new friends from around the world, and connecting with locals who would otherwise be intimidated by a large group traveling together.

There are some destinations that aren’t great for solo travel. Las Vegas for example, is best experienced with a group of friends, or at least one other person so you can enjoy the shows, hit the clubs, and stuff your face at the buffets.

The best destinations are those that allow you to get a little “off the beaten path”, while still being popular enough that you’ll be able to find a travel buddy if you’re so inclined.

Here are some of the best destinations for solo travel:

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Siem Reap has a small-town feel, while still having everything you need from home. Unlike its cousin Phnom Penh, Siem Reap has none of the traffic and pollution, and backs onto Angkor Wat. Travellers come from all over the world to visit the temples here, and the plethora of cheap guesthouses available make meeting new people a breeze.
You’ll find plenty of solo travellers who will be looking to split a tuk tuk for a day of exploring the temples, and you can also take a day to yourself if you feel like being alone.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai draws tourists and digital nomads from around the world. With a laid-back feel, and a huge expat population, finding friends is as simple as heading to one of the many cafes, and striking up a conversation with your neighbour. It’s also cheap enough that if you feel like some solitude you can easily arrange for a driver to take you out for a day, or hire a scooter and drive through the countryside.

Paris, France
It can be argued that Paris is best experienced alone, so you can spend your days people watching while enjoying croissants and coffee, wandering through the Louvre, and climbing the Eiffel Tower.
Hemingway said it best: “Though I often looked for one, I finally had to admit that there could be no cure for Paris.”
So take a notebook, a camera, and yourself, and experience Paris the way it’s supposed to be experienced-alone.

Dublin, Ireland
The Irish are well known for their hospitality, so if you’d rather get to know locals than tourists, Dublin is the place to go. Head to one of the many pubs, strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you, and enjoy a pint of Guinness.
A walking tour is one of the best ways to explore this incredible city, so you can learn more about all the literary greats who once called Dublin home.

Santiago, Chile
Other than pickpocketing, Santiago is generally very safe. With plenty of museums to wander through, cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, and friendly locals, this city is a solo travellers paradise. Make sure you pack plenty of layers, as the weather can change in an instant, and it’s common to experience three or four seasons in one day.

Book a hotel in one of these cities or give someone a hotel gift card for solo traveling!

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