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Oct 29, 2015 · 3 min read

If you are visiting Thessaloniki for only a couple of hours and you want to take a glimpse of Thessaloniki, this guide is for you. A perfect way for you to get acquainted with the city’s streets and monuments alongside the coast. Supposing you want to make time for shopping and some other activities during your stay, this walk should take for about two hours and it is best for you to take it in the morning.

Best place to start is, of course, the White Tower. This is the landmark of the city that you can’t miss, and it is both easy to find and usually tourist buses stop near it. The tower was built as an Ottoman seaside fort during their rule and during its lifetime it also served as a prison. Nowadays it houses the Museum of the City of Thessaloniki. It is open daily until 15:00, you should visit it if you have more time on your disposal.

In the vicinity of the White Tower is a beautiful park where you can find the Vassiliko Theatre and the Statue of Alexander the Great. This is a colossal statue of Alexander the Great on his horse, Bucephalus and by the side stands a row of long pikes and shields. The pikes were called “sarissas” and they were the weapons that made his armies famous and enabled him to conquer the most of the then known world. After hanging here a bit, you should turn around had past the White Tower again and continue along the seaside.

After the Tower and the Alexander’s statue, you should continue your walk down the seaside towards the port. This part of the seaside near the White Tower is called the Old Seaside because it was constructed at the end of the 19th century by demolishing the city walls. The part from the White Tower to the other side of the city is called “New Seaside”, as it was constructed in the sixties.

After a bit of walking on the seaside and enjoying the fresh see breeze, you will be at the Aristotelous Square. This is the cities central and most beautiful square filled with cafes and buildings with great architecture.

After the Aristotelous Square, close by, is the Pier 1 of the Thessaloniki port. But this isn’t an ordinary pier of a port, it is an urban area that houses three museums. Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Photography and the Museum of Cinema. This is also the place where some projections of the Thessaloniki film festival are held.

In the area around the Pier 1 is also the Ladadika district. It is a place you must visit to experience the authentic Thessaloniki. The area from Koudouriotou to Diamanti streets and from Hiou to Lemnou streets is known as Ladadika. Ladadika is located near the Port of Thessaloniki and for centuries was one of the most important market places of the city. Its name derives from the many olive oil shops of the area and the word Ladadika literally means olive shop.

Ladadika forms the entertainment district of the city, hosting bars, espresso bars, coffee shops, beer stores nightclubs, restaurants and tavernas — in what used to be old oil stores and merchant houses. Ladadika is a lovely place for strolling with its network of pedestrianized streets and small squares.

Try getting a bit lost at the Ladadika and move away from the sea, and start walking on Tsimiski St. It is the main shopping street of Thessaloniki and this is where you will find all big brands, so if you like shopping, consider making a longer stop in Tsimiski St.

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