Top 10 things to do in Thessaloniki

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Dec 20, 2015 · 5 min read

We have prepared a list of top ten things to do while in Thessaloniki. Guide for first time visitors in Thessaloniki so you can have a great time while visiting our city.

1. Get to know the city center

Explore the area around the Aristotelous Square — central and most beautiful square filled with cafes and buildings with great architecture. Stroll down the Egnatia Street and walk among the city streets to get lost for a while to explore and to find some places for yourself. You can always take a coffee break or grab something to eat. Or you can go shopping in the city center or you will have time for other planned activities for your visit to Thessaloniki

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2. Discover the landmarks of Thessaloniki

The White Tower is not the only landmark of Thessaloniki. Find out where is Rotonda and the Arch of Galerius. And visit all the monuments of ancient history of Thessaloniki. See some of the many beautiful cathedrals this city has to show and see the city walls in Anno Poli

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3.Relax with a great cup of coffee

It is well known that coffee is the favorite drink in Thessaloniki. To people who visit Thessaloniki it is strange to see how full the cafes are, even during the work hours. Imitate the locals and spend a couple of hours chatting and sipping coffee with your friends.

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4. Take a walk by the seaside

A perfect way for you to get acquainted with the city’s streets and monuments alongside the coast. Here you will find the famous White Tower, the symbol of Thessaloniki, there is also a museum inside that you can visit. Long promenade alongside the sea is an ideal place for evening walks, it will reward you will a spectacular sunset.

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5. Visit the White Tower Museum

White Tower is the most prominent landmark of Thessaloniki. You can see it on every other postcard or souvenir from the city. It once served as a fort and a prison. But a few people know that today it hosts a museum dedicated to the history of Thessaloniki. The exhibition will provide you with all you want to know about Thessaloniki. From the timeline of the city’s history and the major events that shaped its future, to the lesser known information about the life of the inhabitants and the trade and spirit of the past.

White Tower Museum

6. Try out some delicious Greek food

Especially great is the Street food, and also perfect for a hungry traveler. Enjoy a tasty Gyros and choose some of the great fillings such as Tzatziki or Russian salad or a spicy cheese topping. Find out why Greeks love Koulouri and try some sweet Bougatsa for breakfast.

Greek Street food guide


7. Party like a local, enjoy the Thessaloniki nightlife.

You will have a wide selection of clubs, bars, restaurants and traditional places. Thessaloniki has to offer everything, from clubs pumping out loud house music to small cafes and laid back bars and to places where you will hear the traditional Greek bouzukia. Visit an authentic Greek taverna — Greek taverna is a casual restaurant, a place where you go with your friends to eat, drink, chat and laugh. This is one of the main forms of socializing for the locals and best tavernas are in the famous Ladadika district of Thessaloniki.

Guide to Thessaloniki Nightlife

8. Go shopping in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the best shopping destination in Greece, it has many different shops to satisfy any taste, from big brand stores and malls to unique boutiques and small independent shops Best locations are in the center of Thessaloniki around the Tsimiski Avenue and Egnatia Street where you can find a lot of boutiques, fashion shops and large department stores.

9. Visit the nearby places, plan a day trip.

There are great places nearby Thessaloniki. Halkidiki is not far away if you plan a longer stay in Thessaloniki and it is perfect for a day trip at the beach. Some of the great places you can visit are Vergina, Meteora and Mont Athos.

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10. Visit some of the many museums

Thessaloniki is a city with a rich history and with a vibrant cultural life. Thessaloniki is home of many great museums. Many of them are dedicated to history of the city and also there are museums dedicated to the arts and museums dedicated to nature. With rich and various different collections of art pieces and historic or natural artifact, the museums o Thessaloniki are for sure going to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and culture.

Our recommendation is The Archaeological Museum — read more

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