Here’s How Staying At a Hotel This Christmas Can Make Your Life So Much Easier!

  1. Ain’t nobody got time for missed or cancelled flight stress

Why stress? Book a last minute hotel to relax and catch the next available flight!

2. Christmas shopping last-minute is taking unnecessary risks

Reward yourself after doing battle with the crowds and book yourself into a spa hotel for the day.

3. Out of stock, out of mind

Don’t panic! So,they don’t have what you’re looking for. Get a nice weekend break for them instead!

4. Because family.

You love them but the holidays are a reminder of why you moved out so quickly. Skip the inflatable bed in the living room and book a hotel instead to save your back (and sanity)

5. Forgot to get the presents

And it’s too late to turn back. Escape the fallout. Leave the country and book a hotel.

6. Picking people up from the airport / train station

Skip the traffic and save the road rage. Chill out at a hotel bar with a hot chocolate until calm has returned to either you or the roads.

7. Uh oh! Didn’t buy enough food?

Style it out with by treating everyone to a nice meal out in a hotel. Why not? It’s the holiday season

8. Decorating wars!

No one is going to outdo your holiday extravaganza this year. Take it easy, let others do the hard work while you appreciate the view instead.

9. Fash-off!

Who’s got the most awful holiday themed outfit this year? People-watch at the hotel bar for the best Christmas work party couture

10.World War XXVI and counting…

Keeping the peace this year will be trying, this is definitely the year to avoid talking about politics around the dinner table. Just make sure everyone gets back home in one piece.

11. Avoid hustling the overstayers

When will Aunty Bev leave?

12. Party and food fatigue

Time to hit the gym. You never want to see mulled wine/eggnog/mince pies/turkey/Brussels sprouts ever again. Well, at least for 12 months. Better book into a retreat for a detox.

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