Recreate your fave Oscars films by staying in these cities!

This year sees Hollywood blockbuster hits influencing travel plans, with the world’s film fans seeking to relive movie scenes and step into the stars’ shoes.

Top tips for recreating this year’s 3 biggest movies

1. La La Land (Los Angeles)

For romantics wanting to dance the night away under the stars, stay at the luxury four-star W Hotel with the beautiful Griffith Observatory walking distance away. Alternatively, stay at the colourful four-star Shade Hotel Redondo Beach just a stone’s throw away from where Gosling’s solo pier performance was filmed.

2. Jackie (Washington, DC)

History and politics aficionados wanting to retrace the steps of some of the Free World’s most influential people can stay at the luxury five-star hotel, The Jefferson and soak up the presidential grandeur and historical charm of this beautiful boutique hotel.

3. Manchester by the Sea (Massachusetts)

Filmed in Massachusetts, the tale trails the coastal towns of Gloucester, Essex, Rockport and Beverley and the fishing village of Cape Ann. To follow in these footsteps, touch down at the luxurious five-star Boston Harbour Hotel before taking to the road to visit the relatively off-the-beaten-track movie locations to capture the brooding yet beautiful atmosphere of one of the most award nominated movies of the year.

4. Lion (Calcutta)

For travelers wanting to soak up the abundant culture, architecture and history of the fascinating city of Calcutta, stay at the five-star hotel, The Oberoi Grand; a beautifully designed hotel in the heart of the bustle.

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