What could your hotel stay be like in 2060?

Hotels.com celebrates 25 years of accommodation expertise this year and is looking to the future by partnering with renowned futurist Dr James Canton of the Institute for Global Futures on the Hotels.com Hotels of the Future study. It uncovers how the travel and hotel experience will be different in a year, 25 years and as far ahead as 2060.

Curious to see what your room would look like in the future? Read on!

  1. RoboButlers at your beck and call

These autonomous robots can be designed online before arrival and can be programmed with special talents, skills, languages and information to help make the hotel stay exceptional. They will do everything from greeting guests at the airport, to offering gourmet food service, room makeup, companionship, education, entertainment, business advice and concierge services.

2. Morphing hotels made to order

This is the next generation of made to order. Hotels which self-assemble and morph from one design to another based on consumer’s votes. These crowdsourced hotels will use nanotechnology and machines that can self-assemble environments.

3. 3D Makers in every hotel room

Taking luggage on holiday will be a thing of the past. 3D Makers will generate in real time items guests desire, such as a new pair of shoes, clothes, pharmaceuticals, even computers or wearable phones. 3D shopping will be available, where consumers download from the cloud, retail goods that they want to design on demand.

4. Neuro-Dreaming — choose your own dream

A hotel bed will no longer just be a place to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, as future travelers will be able to choose their own dreams before dozing off. Hotels will give guests access to neurotechnology to program their dreams and they can choose a dream theme to either relax, enhance, learn or enjoy.

5. Wellness & longevity hotel spas

The hotel spa of the future is based on DNA analysis and promoting living longer. You will receive personalized prevention treatments, prediction and health enhancement programs designed to refresh your health, your fitness and understand your future health risks.

6. Airport transfer of the future— Self-driving pods, RoboFlying cars and Hyperloop

Future transports include self-driving pods, RoboFlying cars, which will help you avoid the traffic, and larger developments such as the Hyper Loop — supersonic air travel, covering hundreds of kilometers in seconds.

7. DNA mobile payments

Long check in lines will be a thing of the past. When you check into your hotel, all that will be needed is DNA fingerprints to confirm who you are and check in is complete!

8. My travel avatar

Your Avatar will manage bookings, like a personal version of Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, they will search, design and book travel. Avatars will communicate, negotiate and design your whole travel experience — the ultimate in customer care.

9. EcoHotels on the next level

Many hotels will excel in energy efficiency, buy and sell energy off the Renewable Energy Grid, use safe & clean products only, use the latest solar and geothermal technology and have a carbon neutral footprint.

10. Augmented reality hotels

Travelers will be able to stay at hotels that are part physical and part virtual. While virtual reality is simply a recreation of a real life setting, an augmented reality experience actually blends the physical real world with virtual reality.

11. Gourmet genomics in hotel restaurants

Hotel restaurants will start to feature food designed for the individual’s palate, all based on DNA analysis. Before you even arrive at your hotel, your diet and nutrition menu will be designed based on your DNA and optimized for your health.

12. Immersive-themed hotels — Hotels in the future will have themes based on immersive worlds. Hotels will become entertainment experiences that we can only imagine today.

Would you like to see more of what’s in store? Check out our Hotels of the Future study now!

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