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About Hot mail

Hotmail or ( is a free webmail which is owned by Microsoft Corporation-the webmail hot mail was formed in the year 1996 due to the Joint collaborative effort of Microsoft engineers’ sabeer Bhatia and jack smith. The company is currently headquartered in Sunnyvale. The mail had an average user count of 450 million users per month and thousands of sign-up are happening day by day. The Newest access of Hotmail through ( is practicable in the year 2013 as a part of modernization of the company. Hotmail also featured with the unlimited storage, Ajax (web development program). It also integrated with better security and the accessible applications like calendar, one drive and sky drive. To gain the Hotmail support use the toll-free access helpline that helps you to connect with the service technicians.

Hotmail sign issues

Unable to access to Hotmail (

Your web browser – Make sure that the web browser that you are preferred to access is an updated one. Check and verify it in the account settings, and update the browser or download the browser based on your system requirements. Make sure that you didn’t activate the filtering options. Literarily the filtering options are good, the companies plan to implement these after the series of hacking issues which reported sometimes back. But the bottom line is most of the users activate this service without knowing what it is> . For instance of you want to block a website from your search result, you can easily block that particular website without any effort. So make sure that you didn’t activate such service. Ask your doubts to the Hotmail Technical support for more assistance. Clear the cache, browsing history from your web browser. In some times the outages are happening due to this also. Do activate such options automatically to avoid the authentic outages.

Your password

Forget For a while the cyber hacking issues in Hotmail password, beyond that it was fact that all the password related issues are happening when the users forgot the password (Hotmail). Such these issues are obviously happen, because the majority of the users are the multiple account holders (might be in Hotmail or any other web mail platforms), so the chances are left to occur the confusions between the passwords. However: it is not a good way to write the password somewhere instead of ease of remembrance. Choose a unique password which assures the better mailing.

Facts about the password

· Majority of the password related issues are occurred when the users fail to remember the password

· Change your Hotmail password in a period of time which helps to resolve the issues in a particular extent

· Don’t use a weak password a password should be strong only if it contains letters, symbols and more clearly it shouldn’t be identifiable to a third person. Apart this the password that you created shouldn’t be resemble to anything related to you like your nick name, your email address itself or any such. Ask the assistance to the technician of Hotmail technical support to get rid of from issues in an effective way

· Never share your Hotmail password; password is something that is purely credential. Never make an access to share your password to any third party person. Change your password immediately in case you already practice this by mistake

Your Hotmail password recovery

Go to the homepage of hotmail through click on the link “cant access your account?” which re-directed to the page of hotmail password recovery where you can recover the hotmail password through the alternate options that through the email address, mobile number and through the security prompts. As a best option chooses the password recovery that through the mobile number which helps to recover the password easily. For more assistance seek the help of Hotmail technical support which is a better option to eliminate the issues in further.

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