Holy Ghost Glory. Woman partially healed of BPD!

Hi Friends. Thank you for your prayers. We ministered at a Spanish church in Tolleson Sat. and Sun. It was a Holy Spirit blow out. Several viscous deliverances occurred. A woman in her 70s had a spirit of infirmity come out of her and her chronic hip and leg pain disappeared. She testified on Periscope. A woman in her late 70s was healed of deep souls wounds over the loss of her husband several years ago and her hatred of her ex-son in law for his abuse of her daughter. Her back and right knee got healed. Her daughter also got delivered. A woman with borderline personality disorder was partially cured. She had 3 personalities in her soul: A wounded young girl, a tarantula fear spirit and a mermaid spirit. In the patient’s mind the fear spirit would attack the little girl and the child would panic in fear and remove all her clothes which triggered the woman to have a severe panic attack and then she would collapse and pull all her clothes off. The mermaid spirit would bind her legs and she could not get up or walk. The woman had done this in public several times and had been taken to several behavioral health hospitals in Phoenix by the police for emergency admissions. We had to hold her down to keep her from stripping her clothes off is a state of total panic as the tarantula manifested while we were commanding the spirits to come out of her. Thank you for your prayers. So many healed and blessed because of you. San Diego is next. Bro. Mike.

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