Wife Gets Truth About Transfer Spirits!

Hi Friends. I had another interesting counseling session. A woman came alone for marriage counseling. Her husband declined to participate. They had been married for 7 years and he had changed this year. He became belligerent, critical, short tempered and hyper-sexual. They had an enjoyable sex life and had intercourse 2 or 3 times per week. She had orgasms. This year he now wants sex 5 to 7 nights a week and his desires had expanded. He was asking her to perform sexual behaviors that was uncomfortable for her and she felt intimidated, cheap, inadequate and she no longer had orgasms because of the increased anxiety and stress he was causing in the home and in the bedroom. He had changed jobs last year and made several friends at the office she did not approve of. She felt they were a negative influence on him. He was less spiritual and had less interest in church or spending time with the children. I explained that I had seen this situation several times over the years and that someone at work probably introduced him to hardcore pornography. When he started watching it several unclean spirits of lust entered his body and they were now hyperventilating his normal sexual desire and they were bringing in selfish and perverted sensual desires he saw the women performing in the videos. His only hope was to go thru deliverance and get the spirits out of his body. I explained what steps she could do to improve the situation and cautioned her to be sensitive for transfer spirits. When one partner cheats, they pick up transfer spirits. When they later are intimate with their spouse the spirits can transfer into the non-fornicating spouse and they will start developing demonic symptoms in their body and emotions and mind, they never had before. This is the reason the Bible is to strong against adultery. It leads to spiritual illnesses beyond the familial, social and economic devastation it causes. NEVER ASSOCIATE WITH PORN. Bro. M.

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