How to get Kirby Vacuum Parts?

You invested in a curvy home care system because you wanted superior cleaning performance that last many years. One of the reasons Kirby vacuum cleaners stand the test of time is that the replacement parts are held to the same high standards that we require when building the machine. When you use Kirby parts that are genuine, you will maintain your warranty. You will have piece of mind that your Kirby system will continue to run in optimal performance for years to come.

Kirby Vacuum Parts Tests

All of the Kirby vacuum parts are continuously tested for quality assurance. In the Kirby engineering lab, the cloth and disposable bags undergo rigorous stress tests to make sure they can withstand normal wear. With each burst of air the seams are tested to make sure they do not come apart when you’re vacuuming at home. The disposable bags are also tested for proper performance. Tests insure filter bags maintain the proper amount of air flow every time you use the Kirby vacuum.

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