Top 5 Tips To Buy Unique Wedding Rings Within A Limited Budget!

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Ah, the struggles of finding the perfect wedding ring! It is that one piece of jewellery which will depict what you feel for the person you love the most.

But, does it mean that you will have to drain your entire bank account and dent your wallet? Fret not. You can easily buy a cool wedding band on a budget as long as you know what your expectations are and do some homework prior to your purchase.

Needless to say, attempting to purchase weddings bands within a limited budget can indeed be challenging. However, challenging does not mean impossible. Brides and grooms today have a plethora of choices which are just as beautiful and classy and far more affordable. Be it the metals, designs or the additions, there are endless options for you out there, regardless of what your affordability is.

Here are some of our most handy tips and tricks to help you buy cool wedding rings on a budget!

Few Essential Tips for Buying Unique Wedding Rings on A Budget

Unusual Wedding Rings
  1. Determine A Budget

The essential trick to buy a wedding band within your budget is to first determine a budget for yourself. Based on what your current income and expenditure are, decide how much you can really spend on the band. Consider the projected costs of your wedding and determine how much you can afford to spend on the ring from your savings. Once you know your affordability, you can start looking for rings which fit into your budget.

2. Consider Pave Diamonds

By opting for pave diamonds, you can easily carry the flashy rock look without even burning your pockets. Pave diamonds are tiny diamonds which can add a distinctive look to your unique wedding rings. These are small and stunning stones which are very popular among couples and are less expensive too. Consider buying a somewhat smaller centre stone and then line your band with pave diamonds. Trust us; this setting can just be as beautiful as a band with one larger stone.

3. Opt For A Larger Setting

The desire for having a very large stone makes it really difficult to get a beautiful band within a limited budget. But, did you know that achieving an equal ‘WOW’ effect is very easy? Well, you can surround a smaller stone with a large setting to flaunt the unusual wedding rings you have always dreamt of. A skilled jeweller can beautifully make up for a large stone without even busting your budget since settings are less expensive than the stones.

4. Consider Alternative Stones

You can easily save your money without even sacrificing beauty by considering alternative stones. Gone are those days when white diamonds were considered as the best stone for wedding bands. For instance, you can consider a gemstone instead of a diamond or even use your family heirloom stone to craft the perfect different wedding ring.

5. Pick A Gold Band Over Platinum

It’s true that there are many advantages of choosing a platinum band. However, if budget is your primary concern, going for a gold band can be a wise decision. You can get the same fashionable look as that of platinum at an affordable price. It is resistant to corrosion, rust and tarnish and looks great too.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a reputed jeweller and buy the perfect wedding ring for your beloved on your budget!

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