My letter to Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos

Hi Jeff,

I am a loyal amazon customer for many years, using amazon as my primary online shopping tool. I love the way reviews give me a good idea about if I will like a product or not, and help me to feel confident in my buying choices.

However, I can not wrap my head around the fact that amazon is still advertising on Breitbart, refusing to adopt a hate speech policy. This goes against my personal values, which are stronger than my emotional connection to your company, and will force me to disconnect from amazon if this situation continues.

Just a small thing to think about: In business we are taught to think about how a decision will help or hinder our business in the long run. There is clearly a strong and growing movement towards love, acceptance and honesty worldwide — proven for example by a growing trend for businesses to offer more transparency, accountability and equality (like amazon as well). Despite an administration that would have us think differently, progress is a movement that can not be stopped and will find it’s way. In 10 years from now, we will not live in a world that is more like it used to be in the 50s. We will not have gone back to the way society generally though about race and gender. Old views will die with the generation that is still holding on to them. So for a company to be associated with these outdated views, even if they are having a moment, will hurt the company going forward much more than it might help it in the moment.


Your customer David