This article will be very short and to the point. So many people today are struggling with their finances in a big way. The mountains of bills keep elevating while their bank accounts keep running dry. Many are not sure of where their next meal may be coming from, or how they will get back and forth to work with a car that’s stuck in the driveway, or worse…..needs to be towed off the side of the road. Maybe for others, they inherited a home that they didn’t want, or simply couldn’t afford. To be honest, the first thing many people fall behind on…..are their mortgage payments. I feel for so many, who battle with the impending thought that foreclosure on their home is a very likely scenario. They have disdain towards the banks and say it’s all their fault for not giving them another extension. Let me let you in on a little secret…..the banks don’t really want your houses and you don’t have to ruin your credit for the next several years regardless of what you’ve heard. There’s a way out….and here’s how. Let’s BREAK THE CYCLE!

A Simple Cycle Breaker………

Sell to An Investor

There are many investors out there who will purchase your house for cash. That’s right, CASH! An investor is not going to pay full price for your house, but if you don’t have enough equity, don’t want to pay agents commissions and don’t want to make any repairs, then selling to an investor is most likely your best shot. They will buy your house “as is” and take care of all of the needed work, well after the dark cloud of foreclosure has blown past you. This will not only BREAK THE CYCLE of foreclosure, but may even put CASH in your pocket to pay for other bills and expenses…..all while saving any impending damage to your credit.

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Let’s BREAK THE CYCLE together!

-Andrea Babbino