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Chairman Steve Chabot hits the road in his hometown of Cincinnati to visit the small businesses that fuel not only Ohio’s economy but the American economy.

“As Chairman of the Small Business Committee, my goal each day is to make life better for America’s small businesses, so that they can continue to innovate and create jobs.
If we want to remain a global economic leader, we have to modernize. We have to make the small businesses that provide livelihoods for about half of all American families a part of the solution, not the biggest loser in an economy that desperately needs them to succeed.”

August 22, 2016

Tour of MANE, Inc

Did you know that Lebanon, Ohio is home to one of the world’s leading flavor and fragrance companies? In 1871, Victor Mane started producing fragrant materials from regional flowers and plants. Since then, the small distillery which grew successfully to become one of the leading Flavors and Fragrances companies worldwide, has continually been run by the Mane family.

MANE has a global reach, employing 5000 people, in 34 countries.

Grand Opening Ceremony for “Becoming Mom”

Congressman Chabot stopped by “Becoming Mom” in Mason, Ohio today and was impressed with all the innovative ideas coming from their team. “Becoming Mom” is a unique example of what the Chairman always says, “Every small business started with an idea.

This is what happens when people take their own life experience and passions and put them to work. The jobs that “Becoming Mom” creates in Southwest Ohio, and soon, nationally, are the result of ideas being created by innovative entrepreneurs not government bureaucrats. At the Small Business Committee, we really hope that we’re all about the next generation, too. And helping this generation of entrepreneurs — especially women entrepreneurs— succeed is key to opening doors for the next generation.

So much of what “Becoming Mom” does is about the next generation. It’s about helping women get ready for the most challenging and rewarding parts of life — raising children.

That’s why I see it as my job, and our committee’s job, to hear those stories and to tell them to our colleagues in Washington.” — Congressman Chabot

August 24, 2016

Tour and round table discussion at the newly opened Homewood Suites

Congressman Chabot met up with local hotel owners to discuss federal issues of concern affecting their business and daily operations.

He then went and toured the newly opened Homewood Suites in Downtown Cincinnati where he learned about the challenges and opportunities facing the hospitality industry. Did you know that most hotel operators are small businesses? Some are independent and others are franchisees. According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, over 55% of hotels have 75 rooms or less.

 Tour of Byers Chiropractic Center Inc.

Later that afternoon, Congressman Chabot stopped by Byers Chiropractic Center where Jim informed Steve on the benefits of chiropractic practice especially in relation to the opioid epidemic the country is facing. Jim noted that some research suggests that chiropractic therapy can help those in pain instead of turning to opioids.

August 25, 2016

Small Business Round table with Rep. Mike Turner

Reps. Chabot and Turner held a small business round table at Fuyao Glass America Inc. in Moraine, Ohio this morning. The men and women at Fuyao show the strength and resilience of manufacturers in southwest Ohio. Chabot and Turner discussed how they are working to cut government red tape in order to help businesses like Fuyao thrive and create jobs in the local economy.

Congressman Chabot received the Milton Stewart Small Business Advocacy Award from the Small Business Technology Council for his work as Chairman of the Small Business Committee. One of the Congressman’s biggest accomplishments as chairman was the reauthorization of the SBIR and STTR programs.

Below, you’ll also see Omar Mendoza (center), receiving the Small Business Technology Council 206 “Champions of Small Business Technology Commercialization Award.”

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