Let Me Point out to you How Ridiculous the Trump Tech Meeting Was
Mark Suster

This is tangential to your point but there are 25 people in this room. Together, they have an estimated combined wealth of $141.7 trillion. More than 45 million people, or 14.5 percent of all Americans (individuals making a salary of 13.6k/year or less), lived below the poverty line last year, the Census Bureau reported. These 25 people (Ivanka, Donald and Jared and Eric included) have as much money as 10.3 million Americans or 10% of the total population. Kleptocracy, yes. Nepotism, yes; throw in Plutocracy and we have a bag of cheetos. How is this junk food sold to the American people? Also, Peter Thiel, LECK MICH AM ARSCH!

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