House of cards - in India

The World’s Biggest Democracy is not as democratic as you know. House of cards comes to india as a fan fiction story.


All the things, names and places mentioned here are used purposefully but need not be Truth. Or i dont know what I’m writing. So, its up to you reader !

Chapter 1

“There are two kind of people. One who believes in Money and second who believes in Power. I’m belongs to second category.”

I’ll tell you a story, a boy named Ravi lived near my house when i was 10 or 11. He was a good lad but sometimes he gets, you know dizzy when his mother tried to force him doing things he dont like. He ran to our house and hide in closet till the his mother forget about it. I was curious looking at him hiding in my closet and i say sometimes its fun watching him.

But one morning he got more dizzy than you can imagine. He ran into my house and climbed the long tree and sits there for a while. My mother requested him to get down but he was noding head as a no. I waited till the noon and asked him “ravi, are you hungry?” he nodded.

“Then why dont you come down and have a bite” i said. He said no .

Again in the evening i asked him “Ravi, come down and have some biscuits” he said no.

When I’m going to sleep asked him again to come down. You probably gussed his answer.

I wakeup in the morning and seeing ravi at top of a tree in house makes me very angry. I took a chainsaw and started cutting the tree without saying a word. Then he pissed the hell of it and climbed down and ran into end of the street without even looking at it. But i did not stop what I’m doing even he’s off the tree.

See, some people dont get at first time. We have to cut the tree some times to make them understand.

I’m dealing with same kind of man here, who is minister and I’m asking him to raise mutiny against leader of the party. Which is why you know i have to take that place.

You see minister, its really hard for me too. He’s not only a CM to me but also an uncle. But it is necessary that we have to get him down.

“i cant do that to him, he raised me from a ground and make me minister. He’s like a guru to me.” he said.

I have to bring my chainsaw now i think.

Whether you come with me or loose your Ministry, you make your own decision. But tomorrow when CM arrives here things are going to change quickly. I hope you make right decision.

He better gets down before i cut the tree.

"It was a very special day for me. The one that my name will be remembered forever." 
says frank and looks for response from the Doug. He noded, like everythings fine and ready.

The moment Frank stepped out of the house, a car hit the ceasar and run away. Ceasar was the neighbour’s dog.
"Jesus, Doug look for it" says frank
"It’s not gonna make it" says Doug
"Do you see it ?" asked Frank
"All i see was Black Mercedes" replied Doug
"Look for the neighbour" said Frank.

Frank looked ceasar for a movement and he started making him comfortable.

"There are two kinds of pain.
The sort of pain that makes you strong

useless pain, the sort of pain that’s only suffering."

He gets his hands around the ceasar's neck.

"I have no patience for useless things.
Moments like this require someone who will act.
Who will do the unpleasant thing, the necessary thing."

Ceasar stops whining.

No more pain."

"I have another one to act today."

Doug returned with neighbours and make the car ready for frank.

"It was a hit and run.
I'm awfully sorry.
Look, Doug is gonna file a report on the car.
He'll put his people on it.
We'll track them down." says frank to neighbours.

Frank get into his car.

"To where, Sir ?" asked driver.

"Viceroy Hotel, Secunderabad"