The Real Housewives of Snapchat: Episode 2:

Previously on "The Real Housewives of Snapchat."

Kylee C: So Klara’s kid is having a birthday party today and she invited me and the kids over.

*Camera pans out over Klara's beautiful house showing all the kids and people at the party, shows all the housewives walking in and greeting Klara*

Nick C: So I have been hearing this Kourtney bitch is spilling beans that I was arrested.

*Nick side-eyes Kourtney*

Kourtney C: GIRL BYE! Nick is so irrelevant to me.

*Kourtney walks away*

Klara: So, I am going to a Trump Convention in D.C. and wanted to know if you two would come.

Kylee C: Ew. She is so pro-Trump, I so will make a bullsh*t excuse.

Kylee: Uhm, I will have to talk to my husband and see if I can get someone to watch the kids.

*Nick gives Kylee a stank eye*

*The Real Housewives of Snapchat intro plays*

“I try not to start drama, but somehow I always leave my filter at the door."

“Class plus a pinch of messiness, equals Kourtney."

"The truth can set you free, as long as I unlock the door."

"Just because they serve you does not mean they like you."

"Be careful how you play your cards, especially if you have a queen in your hands."

*Main Title Pose*

*Ava Intro Card*

Ava C: Hi, my name is Ava Nicole, I'm an extremely wealthy businesswoman and fashion designer as well as the ex-wife of a very well off surgeon & acountant.

*Ava's car is seen pulling up to her house*

Ava C: I do have a daughter, but right now me & my husband are in a custody battle so I'm not allowed to see her as often as I would like.

*Ava is seen walking into her house and upstairs to her closet*

Ava C: What I do is I'm a fashion designer, I design clothing and accessories for everyone of all shapes and sizes, because I believe everyone should be allowed to wear whatever they want no matter what.

*Camera pans over to a restaurant*

Kylee Intro Card:

Kylee C: I decided to invite Kourtney to lunch to talk about what happened at Klara's daughters birthday party.

*Kourtney arrives at the restaurant.*

I'm happy Kylee invited me to lunch today because what happened at Klara's daughters birthday party was too much.

*Kylee sees Kourtney*
Kylee: Hey girl.
Kourtney: Heyyy Kylee.
*Ladies hug, Kourtney sits down.*

Kylee: How're you?

Kourtney: I been good how about you?

Kylee: I'm good, a little confused as to what even happened at the party?

Kylee C: There was A LOT more than just side-eyes at that party, Kourtney knows some things about Nick's past that he doesn't want out, but not EVERYTHING.

Kourtney: Girl that party was too much, I had to leave the party before it got crazy.

Kylee: I'm sorry, I just didn't want to get involved because you're both my friends.

Kourtney: It's cool Kylee, I just feel like it was a lot.

Kylee: But girl, since we're talking about Nick, I have some tea for you.

Kourtney C: I already know about Nick's arrest so what more could this girl want to spill about her? *sips tea*

Kourtney: *oops* Give me the tea.

Kylee: Not only was Nick arrested for breaking into his exes house, but apparently, her ex abused her too. It's crazy!

Kourtney: God damn *laughs*, I knew she was a crazy bitch when I met her.

Kylee: So whatever you do with this information is your business but, you never heard it from me okay girl?

Kourtney: Okay.

Kylee C: I trust that Kourtney won't tell Nick I told her.

Kourtney: I got some tea for you, on Klara.

Kylee: OOOH Spill!

*Kourtney pulls out Klara's mugshot, shows Kylee it.*

Kylee C: I've been friends with Klara for years and she never thought to bring up the fact she was arrested, hmm *sips champagne*.

Kylee: What happened?

Kourtney: They said she had weed in her car and they locked her up.

Kylee: Ooh child. *sips*

Kourtney: Oh and I know Klara's husband Joe too, we used to go out back in the day.

Kylee: WHAT?! NO WAY!

Kourtney: Yes way. I met him at the strip club I used I to work at.

Kylee C: Kourtney was a stripper? Hmm *sips champagne*

Kourtney C: Yes I got tea on everybody so don't come for me. *laughs*

Kylee: Alright girl well, I'm glad you're good, now I have to go to work but it was nice seeing you doll, and I never heard anything from you.

*Ladies hug goodbye.*

Nick Intro Card:

Nick C: So I am a typical diva. And twice a week I go to the hair salon… I don’t wash my hair but my hair stylist Shawnie. He has been my stylist from 25.

(Nick arrives at hair salon)

Nick: Hello!!

Shawnie: Hey gurl! Your hair is looking like it needs a good condition!

Nick: And that’s what I have you for!

(Nick sits in her chair)

Shawnie: So gurlll… I have been hearing rumors about you around town from Kylee and Kourtney

Nick C: No surprise. I have heard it all.

Nick: I heard it and I am about confront the two. I don’t even know Kourtney and Kylee? My friend of 23 years? That’s fucking bullshit.

(Klara walks in)

Klara: Hey Nick! Hey Shawnie!

Shawnie: Hey boo!

Nick: Hi sweetie.

Klara: No hair needed to be done today… but Nick, Kylee has been going around town constantly talking shit about you.

Klara C: Nick and I both were friends with Kylee and I as well as Nick am insulted by him. I feel bad for Nick.

Nick C: *cries* I am just… just so upset that Kylee would do this!

*Kourtney's voice plays over the "Next time on The Real Housewives of Snapchat".*

*Glasses are heard breaking, a loud thump is heard and tires squeal.*

*Nick is heard screaming*


*Dramatic music ending*