Housinet CEO
Nov 25, 2019 · 2 min read

How Housinet is taking property management into the crypto revolution.

The rental market has experienced the largest growth in its history during the last 10 years. Over the last 10 years approximately nine million households have become renters, the largest gain in housing industry history. Currently 45 million families, and households are tenants. Renter population has grown across all sectors of the population driving up the demand for residential vacant units.

According to the US Census Bureau 85.6% of rental units are single family properties, constituting 38.9 million units. This makes the Property Management a $73 billion a year industry in the US.

Despite aggressive growth the rental industry has not adapted to the current technology environment, keeping property management tasks time consuming, and onerous. This is where Housinet comes in.

What is Housinet?

A revolutionary token with real world utility that modernizes the property management industry, by creating a first to market global decentralized network. Smart property management software that incorporates blockchain and rule based workflow technology to streamline real estate rental management.

The Housinet software incorporates first to market secure blockchain, and automation technology to eliminate manual processes, and increase transparency. Housinet clients are able to manage their properties online, or via mobile device through the Housinet smartphone application.

Target clients include landlords, apartment complexes managers, property managers, tenants, and home owner associations across the US, and Canada, with worldwide. expansion in the near future.

Housinet bridges the gap by implementing smart workflow technology, robotics, and blockchain to bring automation and efficiency to the property management industry empowering users to create customs solution that fit their business module and increase profit . Housinet is the only property management cryptocurrency token, and the only company to incorporate blockchain into all major modules of the software.

How does it work?

Housinet is a module driven software that consist of 11 modules(a rental history module and 10 core property management modules) all working together to create efficiencies that directly increases clients bottom line.

Visit Housinet.io for detailed functionality and roadmap.

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