Hover Camera — Week 1 Recap

GMIC Beijing has come and gone. It was a very exciting week for everyone on the Hover Camera team — whether at the venue, or back in the office. We are very happy and excited about the reception we have received, and we are looking forward to an extremely exciting beta program.

Introducing Hover Camera.

To recap this week…we launched the news of Hover Camera on the 26th as we prepared for GMIC Beijing — the first public viewing. We were very fortunate to have been invited to GMIC Beijing to show Hover Camera off during The Mobile Future Keynote with Qualcomm China’s Chairman, Frank Meng.

Hover Camera takes center stage during The Mobile Future Keynote.

The audience reception was fantastic, and it was definitely the highlight of the event as Hover Camera took center stage. This was followed up by 3 days of live demonstrations in front of thousands of attendees and media. Everyone wanted to see Hover Camera in action.

Release & Hover action at GMIC Beijing.

The crowd favorites were definitely Release & Hover, and Auto-Follow. A close third was Auto-Repositioning as people realized just how safe Hover Camera was to interact with. Touch it anywhere and push it, and it comes right back.

Throw & Balance action at GMIC Beijing.

The two most frequently asked questions of the week, whether online or off have been:

1. When can I get one?

2. How much does it cost?

To which the answers are:

1. Soon™.

2. There is no set price, but it should be around $600 USD.

Hover Camera CEO, MQ Wang with a Hover Camera at GMIC Beijing 2016.

With that said, we are very excited about getting Hover Camera into the hands of creative content creators as quickly as possible. Make sure you stay tuned for more information on the beta program as it becomes available!


Thank you!

- Team Hover Camera