Timeline of Cenk Uygur’s “non-denial” of Armenian Genocide (WIP)

Hovik Manucharyan
May 29, 2018 · 7 min read


May 24 — Ana “fights back”

May 18 — Playboy article on Ana Kasparian


October — Cenk supporting the Turkish Coalition of America

April 22 — Cenk Uygur Still Will Not Recognize The Armenian Genocide


August 22 — Being Libertarian Presents: Cenk Uygur

June 2 — VIDEO: Germany Acknowledges The Genocide

April 22 — Rescinding Daily Pennsylvanian Article


Nov 18 — Ana to her critics: “Get the fuck out of here with your dumb bullshit.”

Nov 25 — Binladin Group should change it’s name

April 24 — Ana Kasparian’s video (on her own channel)


October — Cenk’s address to the TCA

June — The “Redskin” issue


May 13 — Cenk refuses to address theGenocide on Reddit AMA

Top question in 2013 Reddit AMA.

April — Cenk: “Armenians brought the fight to me”


April 14— Turkish American National Convention: Young Turks Day

April 12 — Cenk supports ATAA, TCA again

Feb 13 — Cenk fails to address his past genocide denial


Oct 13 — Cenk calls the effort to recognize Armenian genocide as “old battle”


April — Ana starts working at the TYT


October — Dictionary definition on the website

March — Genocide denial article is removed


October — Article on theyoungturks.com


June 16 — The letter to Salon


December 31 — Cenk purchases domain theyoungturks.com


Nov 22 — The Daily Pennsylvanian article

April 24 — Trying to cut off funds from the UPenn Armenian Club

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