Vitamin Donuts, Skunk Water and Time Travel

ICYMI, here are a few of our favorite features we launched on NOW this week:

Vitamin Donuts Were A Thing!

We’re still trying to get comfortable with this notion of a vitamin-packed sweet breakfast, but then again, there’s always Cap’n Crunch to fall back on.

Breakfast is Better With Eggs and Coffee

Since we’re on the topic of breakfast, how about an egg IN your coffee?

Skunk Water: New Crowd Control Weapon Coming to the U.S.

We dive into the simple-to-make solution known as skunk water. What is it and how will it be used as a crowd control device?

Time Travel Back to the 1893 World’s Fair

Senior Writer Jonathan Strickland explains how virtual reality can help transport us back in time to the fantastic 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

How is a Cat Like a Pingpong Table?

Let’s end the week with this head-scratcher.

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