A few years ago I joined a company that worked across 5 time zones in two continents. It was the third distributed startup I had worked at, but this one was different. It had tied its growth metrics to cross-office collaboration. Its business model actually relied on the people in…

From sandcastles to societies,

So many fears, desires, and curiosities

From sandcastles to societies,

How do we learn to turn

our dreams

into so many realities?

From sandcastles to societies,

How do our children become citizens?

How do we turn play into politics?

How do we decide to pledge our allegiance

And surrender our freedom…

From sandcastles to societies

How does teamwork become tribalism?

And where does all our sand go

When we start again…

From sandcastles to societies

It’s just all there is

For all the yous

And all the mes

From sandcastles to societies

Until the waves wash us free…

30 Years of Learning Sciences research in one 9-minute read

What is it about the word “education” that makes some of us perk up and others quickly excuse themselves from the conversation? How many dinner parties or family gatherings have you attended, where you heard at least one other person, besides yourself, express a very passionate opinion about education?


Several years ago, I attended Northwestern University to study the Learning Sciences. It’s a field of research that draws on social psychology, cognitive science, and design thinking to scientifically study how people learn. While I was at Northwestern, one of my colleagues shared with me what was then an almost…

My name is Adam Lupu, and I believe I can learn anything. I want to transmit this belief to anyone and everyone who wants to believe it themselves. Today I’m setting myself to the challenge of learning Japanese. I have a lot of reasons why I want to learn Japanese…

In the Learning Sciences, there’s a concept called the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). As a phrase it’s a big mouthful originally written in Russian by one of the earliest theorists and researchers into how people learn, Lev Vygotsky. Its meaning is pretty simple…

There exists a mental state for…

The past, present, and future of what we know


Information was like money. You could earn it, trade it. It determined your political capital at your job and in your communities. Some used it to have power over others. Most used is to just get stuff done.


Now, information is like water. You can swim in it. You can…

Adam Lupu

Educator. Entrepreneur. Dreamer… And improv lover! Always perspiring on something inspiring… at least to me anyway. :)

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