the value proposition of MOOCs
Information Underload
Mike Caulfield

Are Humans Machines or Intellect.

There were 2 different MOOC value models: xMOOCs and cMOOCs. xMOOC were generally structured around content delivered in lectures, assessed by multiple choice tests and sought the memorization of content. cMOOCs however were more interactive through social media and functioned closer to graduate level seminars featuring exploration of the shape and boundaries of concepts central to the future of disciplines. The idea of cMOOCs was to expand a person’s ability to interact and participate in intellectual discourses; to develop a deep understanding of concepts and to use that unerstanding in context. xMOOCs primarily sought the memorization of acontextual conceptual definitions.

xMOOCS promised cheap degrees, badges and certifications; cMOOCS promised participatory learning through intellectual activity. Cheap certifications seem to have won out.