The Republican Party Needs to Embrace Liberalism
David Frum

Bargaining with the Devil

During its formative years, the editors of National Review were committed to a white, capitalist and anti-progressive worldview that set the terms for conservatism for the next 60 years. They were sincere when they denied charges of bigotry. They could not see that assuming white cultural superiority, questioning black intelligence and fearing the civil rights movement derived from racist assumptions.
The conservative intellectuals around National Review believed these views were so natural that anything short of explicit bigotry could not be racist. This is the basis of the self-fashioned myth of racial innocence that many conservatives maintain today. Washington Post’s Joshua Tait

Long ago, movement conservatism choose to ignore the nature of rational debate and analysis. I generally like David’s frame, but this is not part of that. It is not enough to reject Trump. There is a important place for conservative arguments, but it cannot be placed on a rational basis until it deals with dark bargain made by Goldwater, Buckley and yes, even Saint Reagan. Only wihin a true rational frame can a true liberalism be restored