As long as people continue to ignore their own role in fuelling hatred, this problem is going to…
Stephen Bounds

Dialogue developed as a face to face skill and seems to be difficult to achieve at a distance. It also requires patience as many are angry. We are however making an even slower start with this incident.

Part of Damore’s argument is that focusing on microagression is oppressive to his psychological safety. The recognition of microagression is a social innovation. Let’s take the example that women frequently experience being talked over and shut out of conversations, a possible microagression and a classic failure of dialogue. What are the results. Often favoring efficiency of decision-making over quality and diversity inspired innovative thought. The recognition of microagression is a rational achievement. It can’t be passed off as mere opinion; it is something much more. To question one’s rationality is not the same as saying there is no rationality. That is the problem with the alt-right; the refusal to consider rationality.

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