The GOP Has Ditched Democracy
Douglas Rushkoff

I think Douglas has some thought errors involving communication and story.

  1. Republicans have lost faith in democracy because it is a convenient way for them to think. They are promoting an elite agenda (mostly anti-New Deal) that has little popular support. (It is why Trump included none of this in his campaign!) It was sold as a rising tide, even though it only lifted larger and larger luxury yachts.They can only sell it by manipulation. I have great faith in rational human social cognition, but it must be framed and communicated.
  2. Human social cognition begins with stories (as well as underlying beliefs that provide a shared narrative foundation). A rational analysis of policy can only take place within the context of a narrative structure. If you don’t have a story, you have nothing in terms of communication. It’s all blah blah blah.
  3. I find Democrats frustrating. Yes, we want to make Trump look bad, but that can only work by contrasting him with a resonate Democratic story. Policies are mostly short term wins. They become resonant only when attached to a long-term story. Begin with shared foundations and rationally build out from there.Yet, the Dems really have no story. Nancy Pelosi just gave a post-election pressor and MSNBC pivoted away from her because she was BORING! She has no central story to communicate. She has no chance to build for 2020. That is the ring to grab for.