Relevant to this conversation is the near-total absence of systemic insights like these from academic institutions — in part driven by the lack of integration across the social sciences that were alluded to above. Scholars and researchers who seek to address systemic issues at universities must paddle against huge organizational currents, as is well known by anyone seeking to be both an academic and a transdisciplinary researcher.
Why Are Universities Failing Humanity?
Joe Brewer

Power is not necessarily a bad thing, but we have not come to grips with how to develop the ethics to make it productive. This is a critique I had of the Marxists. They problemitized who was in power, but not power itself. The problems of power only increased after the October Revolution.

Is it the disciplinary structure or the academic trying to protect their disciplinary turf. Power is also the backstory of Kuhns analysis of paradigms. What causes incommensurability? Is it the inability of developing new measures or the operation of power protecting existing measures. How can we call out the inappropriate use of power and the moral standing to back it up in the academy and beyond.

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