The Future of Work: Awakening the Artist Within
Ayelet Baron

This takes me back to (the 90s) when I first read and dreamed of what might be possible in a “post-fordist” economic future. The possibilities are still there Stephanie Vozza recent FastCo piece is another example

And I was interested in Brown and Hagel’s “Power of Pull” approach

But it seems like it might take a movement that I don’t see in large supply or in the general philosophical orientation that I see in culture. Abundance doesn’t seem to be readily available at the grassroots. The mechanistic Fordist approach ignored meaning as something not real, but all the posts-whatevers (especially the finaincial industry) seem to be leaning into market approaches that only celebrate individual monitary achievement; even at the risk of an unsustainable future. When I look at Silicon Valley or Ed Tech I see a very similar mind-set. I don’t see change without a top down designed approach. Would love your opinion on the nut and bolts issues.

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