Did America Ever Really Work?
umair haque

Tony Morrison said (in Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination) that race today is not biological, but metaphorical:

Race has become metaphorical — a way of referring to and disguising forces, events, classes, and expressions of social decay and economic division far more threatening to the body politic than biological “race” ever was. Expensively kept, economically unsound, a spurious and useless political asset in election campaigns, racism is as healthy today as it was during the Enlightenment. It seems that it has a utility far beyond economy, beyond the sequestering of classes from one another, and has assumed a metaphorical life so completely embedded in daily discourse that it is perhaps more necessary and more on display than ever before.

The battlefield is in our imaginations. To repeat Umair:

The faces, the people, the groups involved, changed — but the pattern didn’t. . . . less viciously, less visibly. (but) the economy is still a predatory machine — only it is so for everyone.

He is so right. We must change, not just to right the wrongs of the past, but to create a future. The economy is probiblistically great for tomorrow, but not the day(s) after. Please wake up; it’s a house of cards! We’re playing the wrong game: Heads, nobody wins; Tails, we all lose!