Understanding US politics circa 2017
Michael B. Wong

Understanding What Politics Could Be

Thx Michael; good analysis; but please allow me to quibble.

Transformation is less important than vision. Obama’s failure was that he fail to carry forward on the communication of his vision. In all fairness his vision was sometimes as much what he embodied as what he said, but he acted as a traditional transactional politician, not as a president with a vision. (eg. We have nothing to fear , but fear itself.) Clinton was all transaction and no vision. Is it transformation we seek or inspiration? Yes we must live transactionally, but elections are about the future and the future is nothing more than a vision. Look at the end of the Pledge of Allegiance: with liberty and justice for all. Liberty and justice are competting aims transactionally, but they are ideas worth wrestling with and that is worthy of constructing a vision and a coalition.

Let’s be real, The Rs who once had a Buckley inspired vision have been reduced mostly to a coalition of hate, tax cuts and incoherence; all while we wait for the economic elites to finally recognize that this isn’t working and Fox must go.