How to End Google’s Monopoly
Shane Greenup

We’ve Got to Get a Handle on Marketing and the Psychology of Illiberalism.

Isn’t this really about the psychology of marketing. “Madison Avenue” has long been the purveyor of varying levels of misinformation, it’s just that these techniques are now being training not just on our money, but on power and on our very democracy.

My phrase of the day —” In order to form a more perfect Union”. It is appropriate to put Google at the center of this discussion as they’re a marketing company and a service company. Which will take precedence: marketing and money or service and trust? Do they promote power over the people, or do they promote a more perfect Union?

I’m intolerant. Not toward people, but toward illiberal ideas and illiberal actions. Your call for some version of a semantic web is appropriate, but I’m not so quick to give up on all censorship. Some ideas are evil. I do agree that AI is not ready for censorship. It cannot sort out the liberal from the illiberal, the promotion of the individual over the promotion of the Union, identifying good over evil. That Trump has brought illiberalism out of the shadows is not acceptual. But AI can work with people toward this task.

Philosophically I reject the idea of Artificial Intelligence outside of a narrow Taylorist and positivist definition of Intelligence. I do accept the idea of Intelligent augmentation. Machine tasks enabling people. This is where the socratic web should live. It will not be just a web company but should be directed at all aspects of our Union. Distopia lives in the ideological extremes. Utopia live in the rational middle.