Awesome shit I did in 2015

Self-reflection is really important. Living in the moment is very useful and effective a lot of the time, but taking some to reflect, process, appreciate, make decisions, and make plans, is invaluable.

That’s my plan here. This is mostly for me, so apologies if I come accross as self-aggrandising. Just taking some time to look at the awesome shit I did in 2015. Some big, some small, all important, because of what they teach us. If I feel like sharing, I’ll put some reflective statements at the bottom.

  1. Started going out with my Girlfriend. I really don’t believe in the “other half” philosophy — we are definitely both whole people! But she makes everything we do together better.
  2. Started a new job (within the same company) doing something really interesting with great people.
  3. Started playing frisbee with a really great bunch of people, and getting more involved in the community.
  4. 135 Squat, 180 Deadlift.
  5. One metal gig, 2 classical concerts, 7 operas (in two countries!).
  6. Doing more work than before with the Young MCA — another great bunch of people.
  7. Played three international tournaments I’d never played before — Tom’s Tourney, St Hatrick’s Day, and Windmill.
  8. Developed a real love of coffee, and avocado (not together).
  9. Closed first ever deal at work.
  10. Went to India — saw monkeys, rode an elephant, went to the taj mahal, and all other cool touristy stuff. Spend some quality time with my aunt and cousin.
  11. Put a lot of work into productivity and how I work, so I’m now getting more done, feeling more useful, and enjoying work more all at the same time.
  12. Saw all three NFL games at Wembley, and Wales vs Australia at Twickenham.
  13. Bought a flat. Complete at the end of the month and I’m very excited.


My three main sources of these points were my memory, my photos, and my scrapbook of tickets. I have a pretty poor memory, so I’m sure I forgot some things.

On reflection, I think the highlight of 2016 was people. Working with new great people, traveling with family that I don’t see much, and playing frisbee with a range of awesome teams, old and new. I’m hoping I can spend a lot more quality time with quality people in 2016, I’m certainly going to try to.

There were also a few “starts” in there, that I am hoping to continue. Starting something new, even if just a variation on a theme, is exciting, but I am hoping that by allowing those things to mature for another year they can be better, I can be better at them, and that leaves more time to enjoy them.

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