Digitalization is disrupting enterprise and consumer experiences the world over, but is still a widely misunderstood concept. Whilst we move to rapidly adopt digital ways of working, I worry that the true potential and power of digitalisation is being lost by enterprises that seek to adopt digital without forethought or strategy. As a starter here are three elements to consider when digitizing your business:

1. Mobilize your business by using new devices and services

Mobility brings many benefits in its own regard, and goes hand-in-hand with digitalization. Considering new form factors, such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, and connected devices, brings with it the ability to improve existing processes, and the user-experience within your business.

2. Simplify your processes by considering the MVP

Not the “Most valuable player”, but “Minimum viable product”, the simplest form of your process or service that maintains all of the key functionality, but with none of the extras. By concentrating only on what is truly needed by users, you can create a more relevant experience, and avoid flooding them with unneccessary options and data.

3. Utilize new data streams

Paper can tell you precisely nothing, except what is written on it. Digital forms, however, can contain hundereds of distinct items of metada which can be used both to generate new insights and opportunities for analysis, and simplify the experience for the user by reducing the number of data fields that need manual population (see point 2).

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