The Web isn’t a Platform

And Facebook is the new AOL.

I was having a discussion with a friend about how to build a personal brand, always a topic du jour in professional services, when we began to discuss online presence.

I think a personal website makes sense, I can control all my content there and really take ownership of it

To which I heard the retort

Who goes to websites any more?!?

I think this a surprisingly valid point; when was the last time you truly browsed a “traditional” website? Or clicked a link that wasn’t embedded content?

A more common browsing route is now to follow deep links from Facebook and Twitter directly to content, or use content-specific platforms (like this one) to view suggested content.

In that way, Facebook has become the new AOL; the de-facto homepage for the Internet and, for some people, the extent of the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Reddit are the platforms, the web is just infrastructure now.

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