5 Hippie Interior Design Ideas for Peace

Flower power, sisters and brothers! And it is not the “big thing” only in obscure communities of the Californian underground. Hippie ideals still pretty much have their former charm and significance while the music of the era still encourages to think, love and believe that the only meaning of the “V” sign is peace! “The Times They Are a Changin’” as Dylan once sang, but there’s no use for a time machine when you can get that “Woodstock” vibe with simple Hippie interior design solutions. For all the boho-crazy and those with the always hot heart of a gypsy! Follow us and be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

From now on, Your Place is Your Spiritual Retreat

Before we get to the interior, we’ll have to take a little detour outside. After all, most of the Californian dreaming usually happened under the starry night. A fireplace where your local version of Crosby, Stills & Nash could harmonize under the midsummer’s sky is an essential ingredient of any respectable flower child’s headquarters. You simply cannot avoid cliches at this point, but you can definitely give them a more contemporary vibe! Peace signs made out of electric light bulbs can be hung in the nearby branches while the fireplace itself can be decorated with rustic elements like knitted pillows and plaids with shibori prints on them. Have a cranky never-to-be-used-again 6-string? That’s cool because it will serve as a nice addition to your collage of wall art decors! Other than that you can try to incorporate some South-Asian motifs (something straight out of a Hinduistic ritual), as they bear an important symbolic meaning, evoking tranquility and harmony that only these non-conformists knew how to enkindle! Hippie interior design begins with an appropriate hippie exterior!

Hammock Peace

Wall art — “Eating” by KOWEI. Take a closer look here.

Hammocks, although, not just solely a hippie thing, are something that instantly connotes with the sense of being fused together with nature. An ideal spot to finish a book or go for a tan hunting, these days the hammock has become an icon of the summer festival “culture”. If during the exploration of the tent city, you encounter two conveniently situated trees, we can assure that a hammock will appear between them in the next 30 minutes or so. However, you, being a true boho soul that you are, might as well place a hammock inside your spot as a part of a hippie interior design solution. Or even better! Organize your own little music festival for your friends and loved ones! If you have a garden of let’s say, apple trees, make a little hammock paradise right there! While the visitors of your backyard festival will explore the stars in a light, soporific swing, you’ll be noodling your favorite melodies on that old, sticker-laden guitar of yours!

Bedroom Out of Its Place

It’s actually kinda hard to define the term “bedroom” if you exclude the main element. Without the bed, it’s simply yet another room that’s pretty much indistinguishable from any other space apart from the strictly functional places like the lavatory and bathroom. Well, if you really gonna try to reject the conventional society and abstract yourself from a rational disposition of rooms, you might as well locate your bunk outside your accommodation. If you’re one of those lucky people who have a barn, you’ve hit the jackpot! It’s the ideal spot for an improvised bedding, providing a natural regulation of temperature and the opportunity to fall asleep with the Sun doing the same thing! It might as well become a nice little guesthouse, though, we can assure once you’ll set it up, you’ll never gonna let anyone else occupy it. The bed design itself is preferred to be of a DIY origin while the surrounding space could be decorated with haycock cubes as the substitute for shelving. Place your home recording studio right beside so that you could record that folk song you just finished dreaming about! And those blocks of amplifiers can also give a nice additional value from the interior design point of view!

Incense Overdose

There’s a bit of a young Joni Mitchell there. It’s “Butterflies” by Alina Grinpauka.

In your strive for the complete hippie experience, you simply cannot skip this one. A majority of Hollywood productions have hugely contributed to the building of this stereotype of flower power communities constantly lighting up (among all the other things) those little, nice-smelling sticks. Well, there’s no smoke without fire, and it would only make sense, taking into account the aforementioned hype for all things South-Asian. But, is it a bad thing after all? A good smell is always more pleasant than a bad one (which according to another stereotype about flower children and their personal hygiene could be the case) and if a nice-looking incense burner makes the scene even more pleasant than it’s all fine with us! Just add a cool, ceremonial mug to pour in the tea you made from the recently harvested herbs! Hippie interior design doesn’t mean just dazed and confused all the time. Sometimes it radiates an awesomely ethereal quality!

You Better Find Somebody to Love

Getting “highly” spiritual there. Wall art — “Wild symmetry” by Yulya Shironina.

Jefferson Airplane at their best incarnation recorded a piece that’s still as relevant and catchy as it was in its heyday and we’re not talking about the city that was built on the rock and roll. We simply need somebody to cherish and to have this thing going on a mutual level. In a sense, it’s one the most fundamental aspects of the hippie philosophy as a whole, so it’s no wonder that most of their settlements often look like literal interpretations of the term “love nest”. Carpets, cushions, and all the other attributes make up an organized chaos and infuse the space with a kind of a purple haze nobody wants to escape from. If you don’t mind a bit of the “live fast die young” ambiance as your hippie interior design mojo, then set it up, at least, for a one-off party occasion!

Remember — Feed Your Brain

Wall art on the right — “Santa Muerte” by Francesco Grande.

To conclude, we must admit that despite an ironic innuendo or two among the paragraphs above, Hippies were one of the rare anti-establishment movements of the 60’s that actually were championing the non-violent way of spreading a certain ideology. They were the ones that planted flowers into the barrels of guns and despite their gradual demise in the 70’s, they managed to leave a heck of an impact on the popular culture and the political climate in general! We salute to them and, as the mighty Grace Slick once invited, — encourage you to feed your brain and to borrow from the hippie interior design ideas described above!


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