Ways to get Your boyfriend or girlfriend Back — To Text Or otherwise To Text?

Have you ever desired to find a way to text your boyfriend or girlfriend back following a breakup, then most relationship experts will crush your enthusiasm. Many experts tell you just how texting to your ex after a breakup is a big no-no (I’ve been guilty of this myself).

How to get my ex back

So, could they be right?

I believe they’ve your own interest at heart because there is some truth to not texting your ex following a breakup… at least not for some time. But to ignore texting your boyfriend or girlfriend altogether is misguided suggest that keeps you against while using most effective form of communication you’ve in the current technologically advanced world… your cell phone.

The thing is, it isn’t the texting itself that’s bad. The issue is most people text the wrong things and try to text an ex back in the wrong way.

How to get my ex back

When you try to text your boyfriend or girlfriend during the wrong way, you risk completely ruining the relationship. For this reason most relationship experts have a tendency to advise against texting for your ex. It reduces the chance of things turning really ugly, but it also handicaps your recovery efforts.

Even simple texts like “Hi”, “Yo”, “Wassup”, or “How’s it going?” could be unhealthy once they aren’t sent having a specific purpose in your mind. Michael Fiore, author of Text Your Ex Back, calls these “nothing texts” because they basically say nothing and seem like they were written by a 19 year old frat boy.

But texting comes with its advantages…

Ways to get Your boyfriend or girlfriend Back — The Advantages Of Texting

- Texting is personal, private, and intimate.
- Texting is nonconfrontational and unobtrusive.
- Texting allows you to stop and consider things to say before you say it.
- Texting allows you to rebuild attraction at your own pace, in your time.
- Texting provides you with access to your ex you may not otherwise have.
- Texting makes it easier to state the way you fully feel. Lots of people find it simpler to text something than to say it on the phone or perhaps in person.
- Texting gives you a greater chance of being heard. Your ex might not answer should you call, but chances are they will read your texts even when they don’t respond.