How to Start online Business in India

We all experienced that web based (online) shopping has grabbing up in a huge form in India i.e. For India, the retail scenario has been changed entirely. Indeed presently, there are numerous eCommerce ventures in India who previously have the colossal client base & these ventures are not even 5 years of age. For a smart entrepreneur, it’s best time to wakeup & takes a step to start their own business in this field.

The first question arises that “what are basic elements is essentially expected to get into an online eCommerce venture’ for its good establishment. So, in this article, we will discuss “How to start eCommerce business in India”.

How to start eCommerce business like Flipkart

E-commerce is a lucrative & intensive business platform for all newcomers who want to get the benefits as they can achieve the scope of economies. Here is a little guide that will help you to know How to start eCommerce business like Flipkart. We are not going to concentrate on the part why you have to start an online business. As you have effectively made your mind… so we should push ahead. To know how to start online business alike Flipkart, you have to make the commercial center of your own. As we probably are aware the industry of online business is developing at quick pace. Hence in order to start eCommerce business like Flipkart, you have to know the foundation of the retailing industry by building solid framework innovation. And with better client end experience, you’re ready for starting an eCommerce business in India.

Reason for why an entrepreneur preferred to start an eCommerce business in India

There are numerous explanations for this,

Firstly, in most recent 10 years, the web entrance & awareness has expanded hugely in India

Secondly, nowadays, ‘one touch internet in mobile’ is accessible everywhere in India

Thirdly, India is one of the most populated & youngest countries in the entire world which makes it a major market for everybody.

I have a couple of years of experience in starting up and building up few eCommerce ventures, which I might want to share with you in few steps. I believe that these steps would guide you in starting your own online venture.

Step1: Figure out a perfect domain name for your eCommerce business

A rememberable domain name is one of the most important elements in all types eCommerce venture. The decide goes that it ought to be short, re-callable and effortlessly spellable with no oversight. After the blast in online business, it has become very tough to discover a decent ‘.com’ domain, and thus, we are here to provide some relevant tools to do that. Resultant, you will get your perfect domain for your eCommerce business.

Step2: Get ready to build your own online store

After achieving a good domain name for your eCommerce business, next thing is to locate a professional Ecommerce website development company for developing your web store. You can hire some web development agency or In the other hand, for getting the better features & one-stop-solution for everything, you can communicate a great eCommerce platforms in India, like Brotherlabs, Nationkart, Zencommerce, Shopify etc. Who can even furnish you with a website in monthly subscriptions. They also have anchor with different organizations who give services like logistic support & payment gateway etc, which makes it become very easy for you to manage your eCommerce business. Fundamentally, they can support you in everything identified with your eCommerce business.

Step3: Registering an eCommerce business in India

Everybody is mystified by this specific question How to register eCommerce company in India’, Well, registering an eCommerce venture is not very different from registering a regular business. It doesn’t require any specific permit or registration. It is much same as any retailing or trading firm. You simply need to get your firm registered, this might be as an individual proprietorship/partnership OR if you want to go bigger from the begin than enrolling as a Pvt. Ltd company is the best option. However, registering as a Pvt. Ltd. has its own disadvantages. You can consult a CA to get your eCommerce firm registered as according to your requirement and future plans. Business registration is imperative for any online venture for getting a complete payment gateway solution (as they will approach you for that) and for invoicing.

Yet there is still a question in everybody’s mind “Is it truly important to get the firm registered?

As there are 100s of understudies and housewives getting into the online business and no one of them wants to through the bother of managing with all the legalities and process of documentation.

Thus our answer is ‘No’, it’s not important to have a firm registered for online business. There are alternatives like payumoney payment gateway, which does not require any firm enrollment for starting it. These payment gateways will be linked with saving accounts for the transaction. “Nationkart” one of the best eCommerce platform provider company in India who provide the services of developing the eCommerce website which have already a secured payment gateway linked to them.

Step4: Finalizing Online Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is one of the most significant links for accepting payments online on your eCommerce website. There are two sorts of payment gateways in India:

1.) Payment gateways with no setup expenses:

These are exceptionally well known however they have higher TDR’s per transaction such as PayPal, PayUmoney, Airpay etc.

2.) Payment gateways with setup charges:

These have lesser TDR’s per transaction & quicker in processing such as PayUbiz, CCAvenue, DirecPay.

For implementing a payment gateway on your eCommerce venture, you will need to submit few documents similar to phone bills, ID proofs etc. that will also help you to verify your address. All this process roughly takes 10–15 days for consummation.

Step5: How to tackle the logistics of starting an eCommerce venture

Now the next thing, you will need is Currier service partner for logistics. For this possibly you can approach your local Currier service provider, who also have a major system of logistic services all through India like Blue Dart, Aramex, FedEx or you can converse with automatic logistics solution suppliers in India for eCommerce. You can take their Currier rates, charges and conveyance time, and compare them with others. They may ask you for a contract signing in which you can approach them for the monthly billing. So as it will become simple for you as more as it can be.

Step6: How to promote your eCommerce venture in all over India

Nowadays, eCommerce stores are getting up proliferation. And their businesses are achieving exceptional stature. The reason for their success is “In this present world, people have the lack of time due to their daily busy routine. Ecommerce stores have been a safe house for those occupied people didn’t have space plan insightful to shop.

Promoting your online store should be possible either by paid advertising like Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc & other online advertisements. What’s more, for a long term, you can go for Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing that can likewise be outsourced to any expert organization. Well, for new entrepreneurs, deciding how to start online business in India is exciting as this may turn to to a great future, but it’s also new terrain that can be difficult to handle if you don’t have the idea to start business over online platform. Following easy step with proper execution lead to produce better results.